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Water Pricing

The GVIA actively involves itself in pricing determinations to ensure local scrutiny is applied to the application of pricing principles for the monopoly services undertaken on behalf of water users.  We aim to reflect industry concerns regarding the costs involved in maintaining these services to irrigation customers, particularly the historical price creep incurred, despite continuous underspending. We also aim to ensure pricing regulators have a clear understanding of the impact of their decisions locally.

Our detailed submissions on water pricing can be accessed here via our Archived Submissions page.

Water prices in NSW are set by the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal for Water Administration Ministerial Corporation charges as well as Rural Bulk Water Supply charges.

New prices begin from 1 October 2021.  
The only water user to see a reduction in overall charges are inland groundwater users, largely due to cost shifting between agencies.
High security and unregulated users are the hardest hit with 46% and 66% increase in some charges respectively. 
General security and supplementary users are not free from increases, usage charges for them increase 34%.

Water Administration Ministerial Corporation

Water Administration Ministerial Corporation charges are for the development and administration of water licence framework including water planning, licence dealings, compliance, and performance monitoring and reporting for all forms of water take in regulated, unregulated and groundwater sources in NSW.  These functions are currently in transformation between NSW Department of Primary Industries - Water,  Natural Resources Access Regulator and WaterNSW.

IPART completed its most recent review against its pricing principles, making its determination in September 2021 to begin from 1 October 2021.  This pricing period was delayed due to issues with evidence to support the determination and the need to undertake supplementary analysis.

Current pricing and new WAMC charges for the Gwydir Valley are:


More information, including details behind current pricing is available on the NSW IPART website.

Rural Bulk Water Supply

Rural Bulk Water Supply charges are for the maintenance of rural bulk water infrastructure as well as the delivery of bulk water to customers.  Prices are established on a valley-by-valley basis, reflecting the cost to those customers to collect, store and deliver water.  These functions are undertaken by WaterNSW.

IPART completed its most recent review in September 2021 to take effect from 1 October 2021.

Current pricing for Rural Bulk Water charges for the Gwydir Valley are:

Source: NSW IPART.

More information, including details on current pricing and the determination process is available on the NSW IPART website or the WaterNSW website.

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