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To be a member of the Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association, you must be the holder of a water entitlement within our region and voluntarily pay the membership request each year as explained below in 'Membership Eligibility and Contribution'.  

As a financial member of the GVIA you get a unified voice on industry issues and represent your interests at a local, State and Federal level to:

  • Secure, protect and enhance water rights for irrigation;
  • Ensure the efficient management and operation of our valley's water resources; and
  • Encourage industry profitability and sustainability.

Our services on behalf of members, include:

  • Member communications and dealings;
  • Policy and advocacy;
  • Coordination, facilitation and participation; and
  • Education, research and extension.

For more information on what it is we do and an understanding of key issues and what we are doing about them, see this 2-page flier.

As a member, you will therefore receive regular communication on relevant issues (predominately via email), opportunity to raise issues and provide feedback on our direction and actions, as well as representation. Which can include representation on behalf of members at forums, like the:

  • WaterNSW Customer Advisory Group;
  • Gwydir Environmental Water Advisory Group;
  • Stakeholder Advisory Panels for surface and groundwater sharing plans;
  • NSW Irrigators Council;
  • National Irrigators Council; 
  • North West Local Land Services Community Advisory Group and
  • Moree Plains Shire Council Floodplain Management Committee.

While our activities are largely responsive to government or community policy, we also strategically address ongoing risks and opportunities to the industry locally and at a state and national level.  To help us achieve goals in the long-term, the organisation is also guided by our Strategic Plan, endorsed in 2012 and due for renew.

The board reviews the implementation of the Strategic Plan following the Annual General Meeting and annual surveying of members and adopts annual priorities.  

We are currently developing a Communications Plan with other northern water users groups to address negative community perceptions of irrigation industry and highlight the value of irrigation and agricultural production to the wider community.

GVIA Strategic Plan

The GVIA strategic plan will assess the capacity of the community to manage biosecurity, natural resources and sustainable agricultural production to secure a vibrant future for the community of the Gwydir Valley and the MPSC.

The Australian agricultural and irrigation industries face continual external pressure from all levels of government, in addition to market and community pressures that often threaten both the future and vibrancy of industry.The agricultural and irrigation industries in the Gwydir Valley are no different.

It is important to look at all aspects of industries today to determine both the health and status of each of the key industries. This information will then be utilised to prepare a vision which will engage landholders and build capacity for a successful future. For the vision to be successful it must embrace the needs of industry, the communities which rely on those industries and the natural resources essential to those industries.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance members and the communities awareness  and understanding of the irrigation industry and the GVIA.
  • Collaboratively develop and promote industry positions and policy on key strategic issues.
  • Encourage and promote sustainable best management of the industry.

Membership Eligibility and Contribution

If you are the current holder of an irrigation entitlement in the Gwydir Valley you are an eligible member.  Membership support should be irrespective of whether you own and use your entitlement as an irrigator or you lease your water to another.  By all members contributing we can keep the levy-rate at a minimum for all.

The Current levy rate is 35 cents per megalitre with a minimum bill of $30.  The GVIA will contribute to National Irrigators Council on your behalf from within this income, whereas we will separately outline the NSW Irrigators Council component on our invoice and pass this on to them on your behalf.

Historically, our levy return rate is between 85-95% which means there are irrigators receiving the benefit of our activities without contributing financially.  The 2020 collection was 89%.

We aim to invoice at the first quarter of new financial year for previous years water entitlement and we require members to update our database for contact details and water entitlements owned.  This can now be under taken through amending your contact details within your member profile by logging in above.  Or by using this form below to update your contact details via the website.

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