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What We Do

Water is society's most precious asset, and the aim of the GVIA is to Make Every Drop Count; in the rivers or aquifers, on our farms, for the environment and within our communities.

On of the main responsibilities of the GVIA revolves around advocating and negotiating with government at a federal, state and local level. We provide a strong and united representative voice, aiming to ensure the rights of water entitlement holders are maintained and respected throughout the development of policy.

Issues or government policy - whether proposed or in place - with the potential to threaten the industry is a strong area of interest for the GVIA.
Likewise, we react instantaniously to opportunity within the sector that may improve any of our core principles.  Our aim is to represent the interests of our members to:

  • Secure, protect and enhance water rights for irrigation;
  • Ensure the efficient management and operation of our valley’s water resources; and
  • Encourage industry profitability and sustainability.

As the local industry representative, GVIA stakeholders - such as employees or committee members - are also highly visible delegates at forums nationwide. Providing a unified voice ensuring the interest of the industry whilst paving the way for communication and industry feedback is a vital role of the GVIA. The GVIA has played an active role in organisations such as:

  • WaterNSW Customer Advisory Group;
  • Water Resource Plan development Stakeholder Advisory Panels for Surface and Groundwater Sources;
  • Gwydir Environmental Contingency Allowance Operational Advisory Committee; and
  • Public hearings for NSW Independant Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal for review of water prices.

The GVIA is also dedicated to programs aimed at maintaining and improving the sustainability of its member's on-farm activities. We proudly take an active role in on-farm research and project management, with many activities funded through government or research corporations.

Special projects currently underway include two Smarter Irrigation For Profit Progrm trials; namely the 'Grower-led Irrigation System Comparison in the Gwydir Valley' and the 'Grower-led Cotton Automation Integration Trial' funded by the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water and the CRDC. In addition to these two irrigation trials the GVIA is also managing the 'Mimosa Management Project', funded through the North West Local Land Services and the 'Regional Growth - Marketing and Promotional Project', funded by the NSW Government.

Making Every Drop Count

Securing a future for the Gwydir Valley through Irrigated Agriculture.