Understanding Drought Assistance

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Understanding Drought Assistance

With the recent extension of NSW and Federal Government Assistance, the following provides a breakdown of what is available and where to go for more information to help you wade through the options available.

Your first website should be the NSW Drought Hub, which provides a breakdown of streams available.

Commonwealth Package

If you require information on the FARM HOUSEHOLD ALLOWANCE (FHA) it is best to complete this application online, and immediately. Please logon to this link and follow the prompts.

Even if incomplete please submit the FHA application before 1st of September to allow for back dating for lump sum payment if your nett farm assets are under $2.6 million.  If your nett farm assets are above $2.6 million and under $5million you will be eligible to make your claim on 1st November 2018 – this legislation is due to be passed in parliament shortly.  For questions regarding off farm assets or off farm income see the documents scanned and attached. Again the Farmer Assistance Hotline can answer detailed queries regarding your own personal situation. 

Contact the Australian Taxation Office to talk with them about how they can help manage cash-flow and taxation responsibilities.  They can help you with:

  • more time to pay
  • waiving penalties or interest charged at a time you were affected by drought
  • payment plans with interest free periods
  • adjusting pay as you go (PAYG) instalments to better suit your circumstances
  • tax incentives for primary producers.

There have been changes to the Farm Infrastrcuture Investment Offset scheme also immediate tax deductions for new fencing infrastructure and accelerated depreciation is available for new fodder storage and on-farm water storage facilities.  As well as agreed changes to Farm Management Deposits to allow you earlier access to funds.

NSW  Package

Should you wish to claim TRANSPORT SUBSIDIES please click the link for all information and eligibility criteria. This is just a matter of pulling out invoices regarding transportation and freight charges incurred from January 1st 2018. Complete the simple document, attach proof of movements, attach rates notices (LLS & Shire), sign declarations & submit.

$50k DROUGHT ASSISTANCE FUND LOAN has eligibility criteria about how to claim and access forms in order to apply.Or, phone Rural Assistance Authority on 1800678593. The RAA will post hard copies out to you if needed.

There are a range of WAIVERS ON GOVERNMENT FEES but not all waivers are automatic.  

Local Land Services Rates
The NSW Government will waive LLS rates for all landholders for 2019.
No. This waiver will apply automatically.
Class 1 agricultural conditional registration fees
The waiver of registration fees applies to new registrations and renewals of Class 1 agricultural vehicles that are oversize and/or over mass.
Yes Find more information via Service NSW.
Fixed charges for water licences
The NSW Government will provide financial assistance of up to $4,000 to all general security licence holders (and supplementary water access licence holders) in rural and regional NSW across surface and groundwater systems.
No. This waiver will apply automatically.
Farm Innovation Fund interest
All existing Farm Innovation Fund customers, and all applicants who submitted an application on or before 30 July 2018.
No. The refund will be applied and processed automatically.

Should you need to talk to someone urgently as you are in crisis the following agencies are available to hear your concerns.
: 13 11 14 

Beyondblue: 1300 224 636  

Headspace: 1800 650 890

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