GVIA calls for action from NSW on metering

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GVIA calls for action from NSW on metering

The GVIA has decided to release two videos today, outlining concerns with the lack of decision making by the NSW Government which is exposing all water users in NSW to non-compliance to their licence conditions.

The videos were produced after repeated calls for more information to ensure water users could meet their requirements, during and following, the recent 'metering roadshow' public consultation on the non-urban metering regulations back in August 2019.

Executive Officer, Zara Lowien said "it's now less than two-months before the first deadline for water users to have their meters compliant with new metering rules, yet no one knows what data logger or telemetry units are approved by the NSW Government to install."

"Metering sites cannot be compliant, unless approved units are installed."

"Our members have been busy working towards compliance, independently checking their meters, making them more secure and replacing meters that didn't meet the new requirements for accuracy or installation".

"We've supported the metering reforms as way to improve community confidence in how much water is used for irrigation, despite knowing we already had the most modern metering fleet commercially available at the time."

"To think that all that effort is for nothing, only two-months out of the first hurdle because we don't have approved data loggers or telemetry is frustrating."

"That's despite all meters already having data loggers and around 20% of water users in our region, already using telemetry."

"We feel we have done our part and now its up to the NSW Government to do theirs."

"We are calling on the NSW Government to make a decision and urgently."

"We've waited long enough." she said.

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