GVIA and Cottoninfo Field Day on 8th February 2018

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GVIA and Cottoninfo Field Day on 8th February 2018

Gwydir Valley Irrigation Automation and Nitrogen Field Day 2018

Date:  Thursday 8th February 2018
7:00am - Buses depart 5 Greenbah Rd Moree
Field Day Location:  Keytah

RSVP:      lou.gall@gvia.org.au



8:00am Start in the field at Keytah Irrigation Automation Site

Welcome and open field day

Zara Lowien

Introduction to the Grower-led Smarter Irrigation Automation Trial

Lou Gall

Design changes to the design of smart siphon

Gavin Kelly (Islex)

Grower Experiences: Evaluation of irrigation system design,  installation and performance.

Nick Gillingham and  Nathanial Phillis (Keytah)

Telemetry to manage surface irrigation

Rick Otton (Dosec Design)

Irrigation scheduling technologies, matching irrigation with crop water use

Monitoring crop performance; Variwise

Alison McCathy (USQ & NCEA)

Measuring surface irrigation performance in automated systems

Malcolm Gillies (USQ & NCEA)

Linking crop monitoring, irrigation performance and irrigation scheduling tools for autonomous irrigation

Joe Foley (USQ & NCEA)

10:10am Buses back to bull ring and morning tea

Benchmarking whole farm water losses on-farm

Ali Chaffey

Overall Nitrogen theme

John Smith

Where do N losses occur?

Fertiliser N losses and soil N.

Ben McDonald

What can be done about N losses?

What levers can I pull to improve NUE?

Graeme Schwenke

How does irrigation management influence losses in crop N uptake

Jon Baird

Irrigation evaluation and N losses in tail water

Janelle Montgomery

Panel session

Discussion of the primary linkages between irrigation management and Nitrogen losses.

Joe Foley

Ben McDonald

Graeme Schwenke

Jon Baird

Janelle Montgomery

12:20pm Lunch and trade display

1:15pm Buses return to Moree

Making Every Drop Count

Securing a future for the Gwydir Valley through Irrigated Agriculture.