Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association

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The Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association (GVIA) represents in excess of 250 water entitlement holders in the Gwydir Valley. Many of our water entitlement holders are actively engaged in irrigated agriculture which includes broadacre crops such as cotton, and tree crop such as pecans, oranges and olives. The reliability of water in the valley is low, so we strive to Make Every Drop Count for the producer, the community and the environment.

Our vision is for the local irrigation industry, the environment and the Gwydir Valley community to have a secure vibrant future, with Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association recognised as industry leaders.

The Gwydir Valley, centred around the town of Moree in north west NSW is an extremely productive agricultural region. Agriculture employs 20-30% of the population and contributes an estimate 7.8% of NSW’s total agricultural production. Irrigated agriculture is particularly important contributing significantly to the social and economic wellbeing of the region.

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